A portrait of Archie

Over on Instagram we've been talking about the privilege of photographing our future generation. 

Here's just a few of my favourite pictures of Archie from this shoot. There's just something really special about the connection between him and the camera. At this age, everything is possible, there are boundaries to be broken and huge mountains to climb.

I love how he opened up to James and gave us a little more insight into his world. 


Rolling in Roses - New Cosmos Collection

We have been lucky enough to call Hayley from Rolling in Roses a friend for the past seven years, can't quite believe it's been so long! Needless to say we were totally over the moon to shoot another of her stunning collections. She's a total gem that one! 

It's a tiny bit possible that we're a bit biased as almost three years ago Hayley designed and made my 1960's inspired dress for our wedding day, and it was such a great experience. She's one of the coolest women we know and going to her studio in York is a real treat. (You should pop in sometime!) 

So here's a tiny part of the collection, a bunch of our favourites from the shoot in two different styles. We shot some for her online site and also some for the lookbook. James also got to fly the drone and take some incredible landscape shots. (He's been 'practising' for months chasing us up and down the moors with it) Fun Fun! 

To see the full collection and more of Hayley's work,  just follow the link here 

Flowers from the incredibly talented Fiona at Firenza floral design

Makeup from another talented and lovely human Jen at Jen Edwards and co 

Models - Maria and Milly from J'adore and Nemesis

Revolog Kolor 35mm Film

Thought I'd try something new and bought a roll of Kolor film in 35mm. I'm still trying to find my favourite film and I've got to say this isn't a film I would buy all that often, but when I do it will be for something personal as the results... well you can see. Every frame has a different colour cast and you don't really know which is going to be in the picture you're taking, but I like that. Love the fact that I got a full roll back and in there I've got some that I don't think anyone could have thought up in photoshop. 

I don't think it's a film I'd buy to shoot professional work but then I'd probably have a roll just in case. Love to know what you think of the results and if it's something you'd go for and what you'd use it for?

You can find more examples on their site here -  35mm Revolog Kolor Film



These past few months we've been on a bit of a creative/personal journey. We moved our whole family and our workspace at the start of December and it was harder than we thought. Hibernating has felt like the right thing to do in January. Maybe it's a reaction to what we felt were the pressures of a new year beginning after so much upheaval and envelopment into festivities. So much hope and enthusiasm can sometimes also be met with a blank feeling, almost as though there's just too much to contend with all at once. 

So we've taken a little time off, we've hung around the house, we've read, watched the kids, watched tv, I've slept a LOT (Jo) and really tried to rest and renew. We've learned new things, we've cooked together and most of all we've tried to be kind to ourselves and each other. 

It's so important don't you think? To not beat ourselves up for slowing down, concentrating on one thing at once and feeling appreciative of the small things. 
After a weekend of feeling a bit lost with it all, we took Margot out on a rainy dull day and spent some time down with the plants. It's amazing how just taking an hour out of trying to 'find' your creative mojo, it seems to just appear out of nowhere. 

We realised again what drives us to create, what makes us live, breathe and love. 
How do you work on getting back to yourself? 



Last year we decided to shoot with conviction. With a direction we are sure of and wanted to give to other people. We have dreams of everyone having photographs of their beloved family in their home that are real, raw, and kinda make you want to cry at the memory of the moment. It's all so blooming precious this time of ours. Savour it! 

Here's the Worthington's, wonderful people with hearts of absolute gold. 

To book a family shoot with us click here 


I've been pretty bad at blogging weddings but it's so nice to go back over all last year's weddings and experience them all over again. James (who also has the same middle name as me) & Kate got married at Thornbridge Hall in Derbyshire. These two are the most beautiful people with the most beautiful friends. 


This has to be one of my favourite wedding of all time, absolutely loved being a part of Mim & Chance's day, without going into to much detail these two wear their hearts on their sleeves, surrounded by friends and family that love them both so much. 
I'll leave you to your Christmas and love from all of us, thanks again for an amazing year. 


It's been a busy old year and I can't believe we're coming up to the last wedding of the year next week, pretty sure we say this every year but where has time gone! Anyway this was the day when Kate and Ben got married, the reception was in Kate's parents garden and the church was just accross the road. 


The beautiful Meek family with brand new addition. Got to say the best time to photograph a new baby has to be in the first two weeks of arriving home, it's such a special time. Plus they change so fast after that!