At the start of the year we decided that we wanted to shoot families and we've had an incredible year doing just that! 

It's not often that we get a chance to say a huge "THANK YOU!" for all of your likes and support.  We figured as it's almost Christmas and everyone else is spreading the cheer too, we would put a little offer together for you. 

From now until the 21st December we are offering our Family shoots, Portrait shoots and our new 1 Hour Photography Mentoring at Christmas present friendly prices. 

Family shoot - £350 now £250 

Portrait shoot - £350 now £250 

1 hour Photography mentoring (for your budding photographer) -  £100  

We have gift cards available from £100.

Please get in touch either on our contact page (click) here or at or more information available on our prices page (click) here.


Love Music // Shakey Graves

Not photography related at all, but I love music and I'd like to share. How talented is this guy!?!?!

This played nice and loud in the car 

Love all sorts of music so will try and post some different stuff and if you've got any recomendations or spotify playlists send em though love listening to new music and connecting with new music fans. 

Esme & Oliver

I've known these two for a while now and in the last couple of years they've changed so much, both full of life in their own little ways and growing up so fast. 

Running at it with open arms.

He's our sunny day, our constant optimism, our morning stretch and hug. He runs towards any new situations more than we ever could, with open arms and giddy skips.  We are so proud of him. 

How do we keep his light burning bright when everything he seems to do in an educated world tells him he's under target, under achieving for his peers and not quite where he SHOULD be. He knows he sits on the yellow table and that it isn't quite good enough, as much as his teachers try to help.

All he needs is a day out of the ordinary routine and his whole world explodes with questions (so many questions!) and realities. He learns so much more through sounds, smells and touch and is absolutely fearless when it comes to making new friends and connections. 

Everyone is his new best friend and he can't wait for the next moment.

Do we tell him the world can be a cruel place where you NEED to be educated to succeed? or do we nurture his passion for life and show him he can be anything he wants to be? 

I know what we wholeheartedly hope for him. 

Lauren, Ste and Hector / Film photography

Families shot in film to us, are pretty special. Those blurred edges, soft movement and tender touches.. ohhhhh we fall in love with them over and over. 

Shooting in film has really changed so much for us. It takes a lot longer, it's kinda faffy and heavy.. it's really bloody heavy! 

but it's worth everything and more.

Here's Lauren, Ste and little Hector.


Zuca & Boo

"So while you are living in these times, 
remember there are only so many of them
and when they are gone, 
you will yearn for one more day of them. 
For one last time."

Here are Zuca and Boo. 

Shooting from your soul

Shooting from somewhere in the depths of your soul. Trying not to care if it fits in, or is accepted and worry that anyone would even like it. The thing is you can't really care when you're in a creative process. It has to come from inside....where no one can touch you for a moment. Can you feel what we feel in these pictures? Because right now we are feeling it to the core. Want to give so much more than we do already.


"I will not be another wild flower, picked for my beauty and left to die. 
I will be wild, difficult to find, and impossible to forget". 

Erin Van Vuren.

We were so inspired hanging out with the Jones' for a few hours. Last year we  photographed Ava, Katie and Maisie and were asked back again to photograph another year older. 

Fills our hearts right up to see their strength and passion for life. These girls...are real, connected, grounded and full of dreams, all at the same time. 

We have longed to create images like this for as long as we can remember. They hit hard just how important it is to keep connection with each other and keep our children balanced. It's a struggle we read about often, and we're still working on the antidote.

How you do you it? 

& Jo x