Writing something very normal here isn’t really our thing. So it’s probably best if we just say who we are, tell you a little about how we are and more about our great loves and interests. Hopefully then you’ll like the sound of us!

Melia Melia photography = James and Jo Melia, but that’s not all of us. We are lucky to also look after and share a small tribe of little ones, Ashton, Logan, Little Margot Gray and Chief our currently a bit chunky chocolate lab. It’s a family kind of business, not in the sense that any of our young one’s or in fact the furry one in the family do any additional work for us just yet, but we created a way of working and living so that we can enjoy both.  Our family and our photography mean the world to us. 

You will find us in our studio/old sweet shop nestled in the Ripponden Valley in Yorkshire and you are welcome to pop in for a cuppa anytime. We have made it all cosy with sofas, blankets, a wood burning fire, lots of books and greenery (Jo’s a bit obsessed with plants!) and the kettle is ALWAYS on. We wanted somewhere we can create together while still feeling at home, so that you can feel comfortable too and we can make beautiful pictures.

We are photographers of life and love. From the unnoticed details of your everyday to your most precious people. It all matters. We shoot in digital and with film, both are special for different reasons. Both are a way for us to be expressive and move along with you. It’s important to us so we work hard to make you feel something when you see your pictures. because it’s not just a walk in the park or another wedding day, it’s your seconds we’re capturing and they are full of movement, of light and feeling. 

Our style is said to be quiet, considered, playful and romantic. Just as the world outside continues to bloom and fade, we do too. Each leaf, water droplet, hand, tear, hair blowing in the breeze… are here for a short while. We’d like to help you remember for longer and give you something you can share as the years go by.